Web updates

August 2014
Added slideshow of the funeral of member Mathew (111, 153) who died on Aug 7th 2014.





April 2014
Added slideshow (after a one year gap) of a one day house boat trip organized by members of HAPPY WALKERS, Pullad.



March 2013
Added another Hi-Flyer Pratish (member 111, 154, 31) to our list.
He passed B Arch with distinction and secured 5th rank from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore.

February 201
Added a short slideshow with some pictures from  home. Nostalgic memories about our sweet home.



September 2012
Three more slideshows (Ellora Caves, Bibi ka Maqbara, Mumbai Darshan and Mumbai Families) added to the site. These photos were taken during a short visit to Pune in August.

June 2012
Member Lincy Sonia Philip (111, 152, 1d2) wedded Prinu (from Parakodu, Adoor) on April 14, 2012 at MT Church, Parakode. Slides from their wedding album (by Rainbow, Pullad) added to our site.





December 2011

Slides added from visit to the Lakshadweep. Members (Ranjini, Pisharadi etc.) from the Asianet Idea Star Singers were also onboard. More slides available on the site. 




November 2011
Member Lincy Sonia Philip (111, 152, 1d2) and Prinu (from Parakodu, Adoor) were engaged on Nov. 12, 2011 at a grand function held at St. Thomas Church Parish Hall, Kozhenchery. Slides added.




October 2011
There were no updates for the last three months. We were on a "holiday trip" visiting UK and Europe. Visited six countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Vatican) with a group from India. The tour arranged through SOTC was very nice, but hectic. Eight slideshows (above 500 slides) from the tour are added to the web site. 


June 2011
Annamma's (Leelamma/Kadapra Mavi) funeral slides added. Also more info on our hi-flyers (Anna & Roshni) added.

Photos of Mavelikara Appachan (member 111,13), Ammachi, their son Varghese (member 111, 132) and his wife added to their family page slideshow.




April 2011
Annamma (Leelamma/Kadapra Mavi), member 111 15d3 called to eternal home on Friday, April 8 2011. Funeral held on Sunday April 10th.





March 201
Riya, member 111 154 5d1 daughter of Biju Varghese received her first holy communion this month at MTC, Doha. More pictures in slideshow.





February 2011
Added three new slideshows with pictures taken during a recent visit to London City. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

January 201
Slides added to the slideshows (at birth and after 28 days) showing our youngest member Rhiann 111 158 d2d1 born on Dec 12 2010.



Georgekutty (George Varghese) husband of member 111, 151, d1 passed away on January 07, 2011 in Chennai. Funeral to be held in Trivandrum.

Funeral held on 11th at Trivandrum.







December 2010

Viji (daughter of K. S. John, Kaleekkal Veedu, Mallasseri), wife of Biju (member 111, 154, 4W) passed away on December 16, 2010 in Doha.







Youngest member RHIANN born to Anita and Sunil on December 12, 2010.


Updated web pages (Mathew) with recent photographs from Georgy and Pippy (UK)

October 2010

A tribute to Mrs. Mariamma Titus (Published in VANITHA BODHINI)



August 2010

 Mrs. Mariamma Titus, wife of Late C. P. Titus (member 111, 156) died on August 4, 2010. Funeral held on August 7th.
View slideshows: Funeral and Last Days


July 2010
Mrs. Chinnamma Varghese, wife of Late C. T. Varghese (member 111, 132) died on July 1, 2010. Funeral held on July 4th.


May 2010
Delia Mary Mathew, member 111, 15d1, s1d1 wedded Sharji on April 17, 2010. Photo Album (Engagement & Wedding) added.




New member 111, 151, d2s1s1 Joel Bejoy Mathews born on April 8, 2010.



New member 111, 152, s1d1s2 Abhishek Philip Biju baptized recently in Bangalore.






August 2009
Slides from 2009 Palakunnathu Kudumbayogam added.


May 2009

Roshni Koshy, member 111, 156, d2d1 scored 93.7% marks in the CBSE Class X exams held in 2009.

Kevin Abraham, member 111, 151d3s1 secured above 90% in the 2009 ICSE Exams. Congratulations! Name added to the Hi-Flyers list.

Another High Flyer in the family. Diya, member 111, 15d1s2d2 scored above 90% in the 2009 Higher Secondary Exams.



January 2009
Mrs. Kunjamma Varghese (wife of member 111, 154) died on January 19, 2009.


November 2008
Added slides showing recently held house warming ceremony of member (111, 152, 1 d1) Vincy's new apartment in Bangalore.


July 2008
Mrs. Mariamma George (Pennamma), wife of member (111, 123) late K. A. George died on July 28, 2008.

Member Anila (Anie) Jacob Philip (111, 152, 1d3) died on July 17th in an accident at Theni (Tamil Nadu). Funeral to be held on 20th. She was on her way from home to her college near Madurai.






June 2008
Member Manu (111, 157 d1) passed away on June 15. Added slides of funeral held on June 18th at Kundara.








May 2008

Member Preethy (111, 154, d1d1) married to Roy in New York. Slides added.






Another member (111, 155, d1s2s1) Nathan born to Anil and Ruth in Dubai.



April 2008

A new member (111, 152, 1d1s1) Aashish born to Vincy and Biju in Bangalore on March 18, 2008. Here is the proud grandfather with his grandson.

Member Pippy (111, 153, 1) visited Kerala recently with his daughter Amira from UK and they celebrated their birthdays (2 in 1) with the family at Pullad. Slides are added.







March 2008

Added another meaningful story to the e-page. Thanks to Sunny John, a well wisher to our site.

February 2008

More slides from our visit to UK in November 2007 added to slideshows.

Member 111, 123 2 Jacob George (Rajan) died on Feb 03, 2008.


January 2008
More contribution THE TRIP HOME (a wonderful and inspirational thought) from friend P. J Isaac added to the site.

Member Bejoy (111, 151, d2s1) married Sherin (d/o Mrs. & Mr. M. J. Ninan, Pynumoottil, Palakad) on November 10, 2007. Photos of engagement and wedding added.

Member Manya christened in Delhi. Photos added.

A 3-D View of the proposed chapel at Kunnamthanam

November 2007
Member 111, 152, 1d2 Lincy Sonia Philip hits news headlines. She passed Master of Tourism Administration exam in first rank from the University of Kerala. 
More slides from Anita and Sunil's reception at a hotel in Blackpool, U.K.

October 2007
Member 111, 158 d2 Anita's wedding (April 14, 2007) photos added. Sorry it took so long to update the site. Hope to do updates regularly from now on.

There is a proposal to build a new chapel at Kunnamthanam. This will be right in front of our tharavad. This is a dream project for all members of Kunnamthanam Prathanayogam and kunnapuzha family.

January 2007
Happy New Year to all. A few slides showing our family members visiting the Asiad 2006 are added.  

December 2006
Anita's (member 111, 158 d2) engagement photos added. Wedding to be held on April 14, 2007.

September 2006

A Dart Test is another story I found very meaningful. Also, added more slides. This time, it is from Chicago, USA. Roby (Pathanamthitta Rajan Vakeel's son) wedded Anita.
I AM ONE OF SEVEN PERCENT is a wonderful thought, contributed by our friend Mr. Koshy.


August 2006

A collection of slides God's own country added to our page. I received these beautiful slides attached to an email. Thanks to all those unknown contributors.

'Coconut Tree', another thought provoking article sent by Mr. G. M. John was added.

Added slides from member 111, 158, 1 Ajith's convocation ceremony held at BITS PILANI, Dubai Center. He received his B. E. (Hon.) degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

July 2006
updates for June. In June, member 111, 158 d2 Anita received her medical degree. See high flyers page for details and photo published in Gulf News.
More photos added to slide show Saji goes to Cypress, USA.
More slide shows
Re-union of Family friends
Anita's Convocation
How to spend summer in Dubai
Monthly Family Meeting at Pullad
Funeral of Member 111, 151 Philip

Member 111, 15d2 Aleyamma's (Vallamkulam) brother-in-law Mr. K. M. Zacharia (Baby Sir) passed away.  He was a friend and colleague of member 111, 151 at St. John's High School, Eraviperur. Kunnapuzha dot home extends condolences to the members of his family.


May 2006

Member 111, 151 passed away on May 30, 2006. Funeral held on may 31 2006.

Being the eldest, he was the head of the family to guide and raise his younger brothers and sisters. He readily shouldered this responsibility. Members of the family at kunnapuzha dot home acknowledge it with great gratitude and respect. Rolly (member 111 15d2s1) from USA responded thus: 
What I remember the most about him is his  concern for others in the  family".

Updates for the high flyers. Our girls continue to excel in exams. Magy (111, 151d3d1) scored 94.25% and Dhanya (111, 15d1s2d1) 85.8% in the Class XII exams. Photos of members Biju, Viji, Riya and Reeba (111, 1544) Bijoy and Benji (111, 151d2) added.





March 2006
Youngest member, a baby girl was born to Vincy (111, 1521d1) and Biju in Bangalore. Three more slide shows added. Mavi visits UAE, Akiko visits Pullad and Manoj off to Arizona.

February 2006
Some of the chain emails do carry very thought provoking ideas. One of such emails (Ten questions God won't ask) from member Lata (111, 155d1) is added. One of these is added to the site. Letters  to God from small kids (contributed by a friend Justin Sebastian) is another interesting addition.

January 2006
Kunnapuzha dot home congratulates the newly wedded couple Nisha and Anish. Nisha is the daughter of our family friend Kurian from Mavelikara. She has made valuable contributions to our epage. View the slide show of their wedding on January 16, 2006.


December 2005
No updates in October and November. Was on vacation. See Munnar slide show.
Added the following items:
'Letters to God'
A new picture of member 111, 155d1 (Jolly, Dubai) and her family
Details of a new book titled The Phenomenon of Christian Conversion with Particular Reference to its Theology in the Indian Context by James Chacko (a member of Palakunnathu family) of New & Livingway are added to the e-page. 

September 2005
More stories (Coffee and not the cup,  I want to stay, Why do I believe in God?)
A new link added from our site's favorites page to a web site as requested by its webmaster. The site New & Livingway is about a wonderful ministry in North India run by a member of Palakunnathu family.

There was no update in July. August update is a wedding special to congratulate Neeta and Deepak who got married on August 15. Neeta (daughter of Mrs. & Mr. Koshy Easow, Konnayil Malayil Puthen Veedu, Mampra P.O., Chengannur) wedded Deepak (son of Mrs. & Mr. K. U. Eapen, Koothur, Kunnamkulam, now residing at A7, Pimple Saudagar, Planet Millenium, Aundh Post, Pune).
See slide show. Mr. Koshy (Jayan Sir) is a close family friend who has supported and contributed to this site.

June 2005
 Hiflyer Lincy, member 111, 121d2 stood first in the entrance test for admission to MTA course in Mar Ivanios College.

(Malayala Manorama)

May 30, 2005
Palalngattil George Mathew, member 111, 15d1h left us for his eternal home.

April 2005
A brief write up and lot of pictures about a trip to the Holy Land will be added to the site very soon. This was contributed by a group of friends and well wishers of the site. 

March 2005
A few more e-stories and e-page items were added. Emergency telephone numbers were updated in the Help Line by adding direct links to reach target locations immediately. Thanks to Mr. G. M. John.

December 2004
A new item "Verse for Today" added to the home page. This link will open a new verse from the Bible on a daily basis (thanks to Heartlights web site).
Anita Thomas has been added to the hi-flyers list for passing her final year MBBS exams with 74% marks. 

October 2004
More slides. Panoramic view of Kuttanad, Kumarakam, Kochi and our "Home".

September 2004
Visit the slideshow page to see Aranmula boat race and beautiful scenery from Kumarakam. Member 111, 132, 11 Steven Titus (Mavelikara Kunjumon's son) married Emily of USA. Some snaps sent by him are added to our slideshow. More pictures will be added soon.

August 2004
Anil Jones Abraham has been added to the hi-flyers list. He got admission to Master's degree course in UK and will be leaving Dubai shortly.

July 2004
Anniversary dates are now listed under a modified e-greetings page. A new item Help Line was added to the main menu at home page.

Jun 2004
More slideshows: A trip to Riyadh and June e-greetings.

May 2004
More slideshows: Joe baptized in Al-Ain. More high flyers from SSLC and XII Grade exams.

Apr 2004
New e-greetings
will link to a new page with list of those who celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries and it will be updated on a monthly basis.

More photos and slideshows added to Varghese family. Also, a few more contributions from members added to e-page.
Mar 2004

A new menu 'Favorites' added to list a number of interesting sites. This includes Personal, Family, Christian and other categories.

Feb 2004

More Slideshows and more details/photos in the pages for: Varghese, John, Hi-Flyers and Kunnapuzha Valukalayil.


Mr. Jacob A. Varughese was called back to his eternal home on November 27, 2003. He was the only son of our maternal uncle Late A. C. Varughese, brother of our beloved mother Mariamma (Kochu Maria). He was very dear to the Kunnapuzha family and he held very close relationships with all of us. We, extend our hearty condolences to his wife and children.   





Youngest member 111,153,31 Daniel born on Nov 3, 2003
Details of the newborn baby added

New items Slideshows and e-Calendar added to the menu
In the slide section, you can view photos in a slideshow. You may contribute by providing photographs to be added to this page.
A dynamic calendar is added to the menu. This will help to view day and dates of any year.

Web updates
page launched with a very short list. Members should provide necessary information to complete this list, which will be very useful to all.

Guest Page now available; Your suggestions and comments are welcome.

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