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Third son C. P. Mathew (Mathaikutty; d: Aug 7, 2014). Retired as a civil engineer from Africa, settled at Kalamasseri Wife: Mary, Kayyalakathu, Poovathoor. Three children.

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s1 Philip (Pippy), Accountant in London. Wife: Prathima from Gujarath.  One daughter.
S1.d1 Dr. Amira Philip Mathew, Dentist in UK
s2 George (Georgie), Business in UK, married to Akiko from Tomono, Japan. Two children.
S2.S1 Mario Tomono Kurian Mathew
S2.S2 Fabio Tomono George Mathew
s3 Christopher (Chris) in New York, USA. Wife: Suni, daughter of George Mathew, Kaipiralil, Ranny
S3.d1 Joslyn Mary Mathew
S3.d2 Jannelle Susan Mathew
S3.S1 Daniel Gregory Philip Mathew
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