A picture is worth thousand words. The following may perhaps re-kindle memories of some of the finest moments in your life. Even if it doesn't, you can simply have fun solving these puzzles. If you would help, these pictures can be replaced or updated regularly. Please send interesting photos if you wish to add to this list. 

1. Kashmir
2. Tajmahal
3. Boat race 
4. A Kerala worker 
5. Backwaters 
6. A wedding feast 
7. Birthday party 
8. Bar-B-Q 
9. Beach game 

10. Mohanlal Connection
11. Do you have the ticket?

O T H E R    P U L L A D  K U N N A P U Z H A   F A M I L I E S
| Mathai, Kunnapuzha Malayil | Abraham, Kunnapuzha Valukalayil | Dethose, Cotagiri Mavelikara |
| John, Kunnapuzha Karimpannur | | Aleyamma, Mangalathu Mallappally | | Annamma Muthakottu |
| Rahelamma, Puthenpurackal Keezhvaipur | Mariamma, Parathottil | Sosamma, Vattomparambil, Eraviperoor |

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